Nonstandard Boring Tool

Nonstandard Boring Tool
Product Details

Nonstandard Boring Tool


  1. Easy & flexible usage;

  2. High quality hot surface;

  3. Stable cutting performance;

  4. Long life time of inserts;

  5. Low cost for deep hold processing.

  6. A tool can be completed in a feed multi process machining.

Floating Boring Cutter

Heat treatment for selected advanced steel for purpose of durable service or deformed. Fine connection inside cartridge to avoid moving during cutting so as to reach stable cutting, higher dimension precision and ideal roughness.

Carbide inserts / Cutting Inserts

Adopting advanced superior micro-grain carbide substrate, which including coating and no coating types.

Presently, we adopt Generation III inserts.

Boring Cutter Head

  1. Fine design and manufacture of cartridge pocket to ensure stable moving of boring cutter inside pocket, meanwhile self-centering.

  2. Several uniform distributed, guide bars which are made of wearable and flexible material, force the bars' out furface firmly clamped on workpiece to ensure stable cutting.

  3. Internal cooling of floating boring cutter head ensure high precision, straightness and ideal roughness inside hole.

Drilling Bar & Boring Bar

By adopting advanced alloy tool steel, drilling & boring bars com into being by long time aging treatment and after hardnened, so as to ensure long term and durable use.


Imported screw and firmly inserts pressing, causing reliable uality, durable service.

If you are willing to know nonstandard boring tool shapes, types or its' geometry, or if you are going to wholesale nonstandard boring tool grape, with the products for sale, Winway Tools, one of the leading manufacturers in China, is always at your service. Please be free to get the product from our factory.


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