Analysis And Control Of Production Efficiency And Tools Cost

Tools problem occurred daily usage:

For current problems, it can be solved by establishing a visual tool management center.  Control tools by establishing tool centralized management warehouse with adjustable and cutter configuration people, together with TAM. For daily use of tools, arrange staff to collect tool parameter data and record to system. Then the tool parameter will be optimized by analysis of system for purpose of adjusting cutting parameter during processing, so as to achieve the best status, improve efficiency of tools, processing optimization, quality and production efficiency improvement and such. 

VITMC Function

 Data collection: from two aspects including processing requirement and cutting performance of tool.

 Data processing: arrange, group and format change to collected data.

 Analysis, application and share of data: For predicted data, recommend different parameter for different processing period for parts as per matched data by analysis.

Data collection  from craft work for parts                      Data collection  from each cutting tool

Data   Analysis    Explain as per matched by analysis: recommend different parameter during production including which tools shall use for cutting some special parts so as to balance production efficiency, cost and quality.


Result Sharing   For optimized cutting parameter, can be share to public information platform in enterprise for reference for all technician, and provide new advanced application cutting parameter data.