Big Date And Intelligent Manufacture For Cutting Tool Industry

Promote the Development in Technology

 A. Factors influence on production efficiency from  economic aspect  and Big Data Concept

B. Function of craft work and technique on improving efficiency

C.Analysis and control of production efficiency and cost

D.Current situation and improvement method of control efficiency in cutting tool enterprises

From the point of Economics:

Only updated technique will promote continuous development of GDP per capital

From the production function:

 we can see that more labor force, the more capital stock and output.

Only updated technique promote continuous development of GDP per capita, then to upgrade the living standard for people.

Production Output = capital + labor force + data  

What is Big Data? Broad Sense

Generally means an era, a kind of technique, a kind of culture and challenge. (Usually it’s generic terms of large dataset, data techniques and data application.)

Producing big data is the characteristic, interpreting big data is the task, and using big data is the challenge of the era.

(Big Data Era)

Obtain, transmit, save, process and use of high and new technology!

(Big Data Technology)

We embrace God. But we shall do based on big data besides God!

(Big Data Culture)

Collect, transmit, save, process and analyse of current data aren’t suitable for current  requirement any more.

(Big Data Challenge)

What is Big Data? The Nature

Big Data

The quantity for data (fragmentation) from real world to some extend reflects the truth.

(Quantitative Change→Qualitative Change)

Big is a relative concept.

Big Data Application

Cut-in Point 1: Intelligent Manufacture

Design, modeling, craftwork, manufacture, test, data maintenance, product structure, relationship between parts and configuration, change record and such matters.


Clients, suppliers, partners and such

Update process, equipment status, craftwork status, quality record, market supply and requirement, quality control, manufacture, purchase, stock and such matters.

Economic, industry, market, competitor and such datas

Big data provide support for innovative manufacturing enterprises from aspects including research and develop, manufacture, running, marketing and management style!

Cut-in Point 2: Product Design 

Ford company design the “Big Data Electric Vehicle” as per big data technology (New Focus Electric Vehicle by Ford).

Cut-in Point 3: Material Design 

At present, new material need long time from research and develop to application to market. Some new material usually need 10~20 years for initial research and develop, performance optimization, system design and integration, verification, manufacture and then open to market.

Cut-in Point 4: Failure Prediction 

Rolls Royce, is not only luxury cars producer but also the second engine manufacturer in the world. Now, it’s a big data company.

Cut-in Point 5: Intelligent Maintenance 

Parker Hannifin Corporation has over tens of sales area all over USA. It’s maintenance cost over one hundred million USD every year for one-year product warranty.

 Cut-in Point 6: Manufacture Big Data +

   “Meteorological data” + model