Brief Introductio for Turbo Housing

Brief Introduction for Turbo Housing

The function of turbo housing is for cavity for turbo and guid the air flow. It's fixed basis for vortex axis and turbo. The turbos are complicated and require nice casting properties , temperature performance. So the heat-resistant cast steel is the first choice for turbo housing.  As for the complex housing and material requirement, all cutting tools shall be customized.            

① Turning on external surface        negative inserts and D type clamp

② Turning on V surface                   cutsomized inserts for cutting bevel and radius 

③ Turning on V surface                   Flat grooving inserts for rouging, round inserts for finishing

④ Turning on end face groove       Roughing for balance and customized inserts for finishing

⑤  Finishing on internal hole          Positive inserts and bolt clamp 

⑥  Milling on surface                      Positive inserts for milling on spot surface    

⑦ Boring hole                                 Customized inserts for boring   

⑧ Miling on hole surface               S type inserts for milling hole surface  

⑨ Boring on external round surface  T type, W type inserts for boring external round surface