Effect Of Craft Work & Technique On Production Efficiency Improvement

Different craft word as per different working condition  

Totally different solution


Tool 1

Tool 2

Change of sales and service for cutting tools

Trade mode: cutting tools sales + after sale service

Contract type: Risk sharing, especially reduce cutting tools cost

Width customer output: Optimized capital and running, provide service as per data and analysis.

Design predicted on-time solution as per data analysis and optimize complex cutting tool management for customers.


Provide users a set of clamping scheme, progress chart and cutting tool solution. Meantime, puzzles occurred during research and develop of products and production shall also be followed so as to solve problems for users.

Participate in research, develop and test of new products with users

Cutting parameter optimization and improvement 

Craft work process scheme

Selection of cutting tools and design of customized tools

Clamping scheme 

Cutting tool route and NC

Test of new parts on site