Key Cutting Tool for Turbo Housing in Airplane--Complicated Customized Grooving Cutter

Flower of Industry, hear of airplane: Engine 

    Airplane engine is a kind of  complicated and high precise thermal machine. As the heart of airplane, it it named "Flower of Industry", It has big influence on performance, reliability and economy of plane, and shows the important factor of technology, industry and national defence capabilities.


Gas Turbine Engine Period 
    Since second world war, the gas turbine engine use instead of  piston engine, and becomes the lead aero-engine.   At present, there are only 5 countries who research on aero-engine, including USA, RUSSIA, UKļ¼ŒFrance and China.


Process of Engine
    The operational principle of aero-engine refers to almost all technology and engineer technique fileds. It's precise because the engine is small and need to install with thousands of parts and realize the complete work.
    The turbo housing, engine crankcase need to bear the   impact of high temperature, pressure and gas shock and work under horrible conditions. Those parts are made of high temperature alloy,   nickel base alloy, titaniun aloy and such materials. They are hard for cutting because of complicated structure. So it has extreme strict requirement for grooving tools. 


High Performance of Complicated Customized Grooving Cutter
    Winway has serve for airplane enterprises over 16 years, accumulate rich experience on airplane parts cutting and had a professional team, provide users rapid solution during cutting.


Grooving cutter for aero-engiine:

1. Semi-finished cutters in stock to promise rapid delivery;

2. Rich turbo housing experience will prvide users reasonal processing solution and tool path planning.

During grooving, Winway can rapidly provide customized grooving cutter and save 30% tools cost. The delivery time will be 3 times compared with others.