Introduction of Helical Milling Cutter

Tools expands its Square Helical milling cutter line


New mounting system boosts Helical cutter strength, stability

Winway Tools recently expanded its Square Helical milling cutter line to include a new innovative insert mounting system for specially designed inserts with four cutting edge capabilities. The Square Helical excels in machining challenging materials such as cast iron, steel and stainless steels. Its strong, reliable pocket seats combined with multi-edge inserts optimise cutting stability and allow for clean 90-degree walls. The inserts mount tangentially in the cutter so that the cutting forces impact the thickest parts of the inserts, allowing manufacturers to achieve the required levels of strength for increased depths of cut with small diameters.

In addition to its high metal removal rates and cost effective operations, users will also benefit from the Square Helical’s versatility. Variations include normal pitch for slotting and contouring operations and close pitch for contouring only.


The tool has cutting diameters that range from 25 mm to 80 mmand depths of cut between 29 mm and 45 mm. Furthermore, the entire Square Helical range has integrated through-coolant channels to provide extended tool life.


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