SEET Inserts

SEET Inserts
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SEET Inserts

SEET Inserts are face milling inserts.

See details as follow:

Milling Insert Grades

Cutting Range



Semi-finishing and Roughing


  • The new upgrade TiAIN + coating has excellent heat resistance and oxidation resistance.

  • Due to the high adhesion strength to the substrate, can achieve a reliable tool life in various cutting conditions.

Semi-finishing to Light Roughing


  • Nano-structure AICrN coating on super micro-grain carbide.

  • Application: suitable for medium milling of P & K materials under dry and wet cutting conditions.



  • lUncoated cemented c arbides grade for milling.

  • Application: suitable for general purpose cutting of various types of workpiece materials.

Semi-finishing and Roughing


  • l Uncoated cemented carbides grade for milling.

  • Application: suitable for general purpose cutting of steel workpiece material.



  • Uncoated cemented carbides grade for milling.

  • Application: suitable for general purpose cutting of AL workpiece material.

Finishing and Semi-finishing


  • Uncoated cemented grade for milling.

  • Application: suitable for general purpose cutting of various types of workpiece material.

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