Gremio PCD Face Milling Milling Cutter

Gremio PCD Face Milling Milling Cutter
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Gremio PCD Face Milling Cutter

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Aluminum and aluminum alloy are of good malleability and fluidity, so they are suitable for complicated and high hard die castings. The die casting made of aluminum alloy and aluminum are of higher precise and roughness, which can high reduce the machining and cutting strength. So they are highly used to auto, combustion engine, motorcycle, motor manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, precision instrument, landscape, power construction and kinds of trades. 

As per this situation, we put into market a kind of PCD face milling cutter specially for aluminum cutting. This PCD milling cutter is specially for cutting aluminum alloy which are made of steel cartridge and aluminum cutte body to assure enough rigidity and reduce the weight.  Two kinds of metal structure reduce the vibration during cutting. Elastic tension structure ensure enough rigidity which suitable for high efficiency and high speed cutting. When changing cartridge, only axial adjustment is required, no radial adjustment. It is easy for adjusting, and need short time for precise adjustment. The tolerance for axial adjustment is within 0.005mm. There is uniform load on each tooth to effectively delay the service life. Different types of cartridge can achieve different roughness on surface.

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