Tungsten Carbide Tool Holder Can Be Customized

Tungsten Carbide Tool Holder Can Be Customized
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Tungsten Carbide Tool Holder Can Be Cusomized 

  • Model NO.: carbide boring bar

  • Process Usage: Metal-Cutting CNC Machine Tools

  • Control Method: Open-Loop Control

  • Processing Precision: +-0.02mm

  • Certification: ISO 9001

  • Place of Origin: Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

  • Hardness: 89.5-92.7hra

  • Performance: Excellent Wear Resistance

  • Advantage: Supplier for TOP 10 Tool Brand

  • Trademark: Winway

  • Specification: ISO9001

  • Application: Metal

  • Movement Method: Contour Control

  • Numerical Control: CNC/MNC

  • Performance Classification: High-End CNC Machine Tools

  • Condition: New

  • Technology: Advanced

  • Material: 100% Raw Material

  • Package: Standard or Customized

  • Origin: Xi'an, Shaanxi, China(Mainland)


Thoubleshoot for vibration

When we use cutting tool, we are worring about the vibration problems.
If can reduce the occurrence of shock very well, that means in the process of machining will be relatively smooth, then carbide anti vibration tool holder come into being. 
The difference between anti vibration boring rod and ordinary cutter arbor, is that anti vibration boring bar installed tuned mass damper, based on the principle of resonance, in form, it is a passive dynamic system. 

In inner of tool holder, there is a vibration absorber opposite vibration when the handle bending deformation. 

This kind of boring bar can absorb vibration and increase the stablility. This is carbide anti vibration boring bar, having it, we will not have to worry about the knife shock problems in the mechanical processing.

1. The high-performance replaceable tool rod head combined with rigid handle, during the long time processing operation, which can effectively control the vibration, and compared with traditional steel bar, processing efficiency increased 3-5 times. The processing time shorten greatly and the processing costs declined.
2. The free combination and replaceable of tool rod head, which covered all the requests from rough machining to finish machining, it has an epoch-marking significance to the intensive management of cutting tool.
3. The tool shank and tool head, which adopted screwed connection, it can replace the cutting head rapidly when processed on machine tool and also help reduce production cost.
4.The tool shank used advanced tungsten carbide material, good rigidity and vibration resistance.
5. It extend the depth of processing and promote the precision of machining face, very deep, very long, high precision machining.
6. Reducing the tool costs. Extending the tool life.

7. Multipurpose usage, economical and practical, convenient to use, functional diversity.

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Winway Services: 

--Professional service group application experience and integrated technological capability solving difficult processing problems.

-- Turnkey project engineers armed with comprehensive technologies.

-- Rapid customized tools design and manufacture system


Our main tools are:

Turning tools, carbide inserts, end mills, drill bits, face milling cutters, side milling cutters, chamfer milling cutters, helical milling cutters, anti vibration bar, tool holders and such cutting tools. All those tools can be customized as per your requirement.


"Top quality, competitive price, excellent service, fast delivery" is our target and we will try best to do as so.

If you are willing to know tungsten carbide tool holder can be customized shapes, types or its' geometry, or if you are going to wholesale tungsten carbide tool holder can be customized grape, with the products for sale, Winway Tools, one of the leading manufacturers in China, is always at your service. Please be free to get the product from our factory.