15 Years Ceremony Of Winway

On Aug. 26 2016, Xi’an Winway Tools Co., Ltd. hold the 15th years ceremony in Xi’an City. We invited over 60 people from same industry, media staff and researchers from famous colleges to celebrate the ceremony together. It’s not only a ceremony for 15 years ceremony, but also a conclusion for past years, a new beginning after Winway floated on the New Third Board ( An over-the-counter market for growth enterprises). 

In the ceremony, President Ms. Tony Tong made a speech on behalf of Winway. 

President Mr. Tony Tong reviewed the development history of Winway. In first 5 years, Winway developed quickly and laid the strong roots for future 10 years. But Winway didn’t proud of it but decided to focus on our main business and cancel the machine sales which could brought Winway over 3,000,000 USD. Winway gradually established own standard for customized cutting tools. Since 2015, Winway put into market a new product in each season and applied for a patent. 

The design, manufacture, solution, technique, market promotion and sales capabilities  of Winway won high reputation from customers and competitors. As a first class cutting tool company, Winway team can strictly finish the most complicated turnkey program in time.

As a troubleshooter for aeronautical and space enterprises, the sales for those enterprises can receive account for about 50%. With more approval from vast users, Winway became the main supplier for aeronautical and space enterprises. As a manufacturer for aeronautical prevision parts, Winway spent a lot to purchase advanced 5 axis CNC machine, measure and grinding equipments, so as to ensure manufacture of high quality precision parts. By these, Winway became the key supplier for defense, energy, shipbuilding and such enterprises.


On Apr. 12th 2016, Winway floated on the New Third Board. It’s an attractive platform for medium and small enterprises, and also a large challenge for Winway during development.


President Ms. Tony Tong said “Winway will develop rapidly based on the basis in past 10 years”.

After speech of president, dean Mr. Xuefeng Chen from School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University made a speech ‘Intelligent Manufacture and Big Data’. Then, representative from Western Securities made speeches either and sent their best regards to Winway.

In the final of ceremony, all Winway people played a human pyramid whom united together as one man, won burst of applause.

15 years for a person, he/she is coming into youngth, beginning the real travel in life and start the hard work with great efforts. 15 years travel for Winway is just like a person came into adult life. By high new technique of mobile internet and big data, Winwa would like to change manufacture to downstream industry, from primary processing to high precision and value products. Winway will fight to be representative of top nature cutting tool brand.