2017 Annual Ceremony In Winway

To Coming New Year 2018

President: Tong Gang              

Winway, Winway, all the Winway people........Thank you, thanks all of you---the old and new staff, managers, our team leaders. You give me support, give me strength!


In 2017, turbo housing cutting tools have a great achievement. We make a major breakthrough on commercial aero-space project. Tool management highly reduces the cost and improves efficiency for our users. Artificial intelligence project and auto AR technology continues successfully. This is a change from zero to one.


Since 2017 and continuous years, artificial intelligence, unmanned, new energy vehicles, new technologies, new business, new retail, like the Cambrian explosion, new species, dazzling, some species will devour old.


Now it the best as well as the worst times we are having. It gives us opportunities as well as challenges. The future is unpredictable and need to be created!!


In coming 2018, Winway machinery wish all our customers prosperous and blooming business.

Winway will continue provide all of you high quality solid carbide end mills (high hard), tungsten carbide inserts, face milling cutters, turning tool holders, tungsten carbide drill bits and customized cutting tools as required or designed as usual.