Aero-engine Turbine Disk Processing Key Cutting Tool

The aero-engine is a highly complex and precise thermodynamic machinery that provides the engine for aircraft to fly. As the heart of the aircraft, it is known as the "flower of industry". It directly affects the performance, reliability and economy of aircraft, and it is an important embodiment of national science, technology, industry and national defense.


The working principles of aero-engines relate to almost all areas of expertise in science and technology and engineering technology; It requires can install tens of thousands of parts to realize the complex function in limited space.



The key components of aero-engine turbine disc and casing are directly affected by high temperature, high pressure and high speed airflow. The working environment is extremely harsh. This kind of parts is made of high temperature alloy, nickel base alloy, titanium alloy and other special materials. The aero-engine structure is not only complex, but also thin-walled parts. So it puts forward the strict requirement to the cutting tool.



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