Co-operation Agreement Between Shenzhen Golden Promise Industry Co., Ltd. And Xi'an Winway Tools Co., Ltd.

Co-operation Agreement Signature Ceremony 

between Golden Promise-Winway

Co-operation Agreement signed by Golden Promise and Winway

Present Members of Winway:

President: Mr. Tony Tong 

Admin Director: Ms. Ruiping Sun

Vice general managent: Mr. Zhenping Tie

General manager Assistant:  Mr. Hong Tao and other total 9 persons

Present Members of Golden Promise:

President: Mr. Mingwu Ye

General manager: Mr. Jianping Yao

Vice general manager: Mr. Jun Gao and other total 10 persons

Pic. 1 Signature On-site

The signature is open at 9:30. Presidents Mr. Tony Tong and Mingwu Ye make speach seperately at the begining.

pic. 2 Signature On-site

President Tony says: Winway looks forward to  and is confident in the cooperation.  As an integrated enterprise for tools R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, regrinding, test as well as kinds of services including tools application, tools turnkey, production efficiencyimprovement solution and machining technology consultancy, Winway engages in  aerospace, car manufacturing, power generation, oil drilling, mould processing, general machinery, electro communication industries in these 15 years. 

President Mingu Ye says:  Golden Promise Compay appreciate Mr. Tony and his colleagues' visit. Golden Promise is an integrated company engages in intelligent service for high top manufactures including car manufacture, precision machinery, equipment manufacture, intelligent end, electronic information, new material and energy, energy conservation and environmental protection and such high top new industries.

pic. 3 Signature On-site

After signature, president Tony from Winway make a brief but excellent technique training for golden promise staff. Then, both of us discuss for products, technique, troubltshoot and deep cooperations.

By the signature, Winway and Golden Products companies wish to establish a long-term and mutual cooperation for China manufactur.

Presents of Both Companies