High Efficiency And Precision Reamer Of Volute Hole— URMA

Turbocharger is mainly composed of the turbine and volute part. volute have a complex shape and required that material has excellent  casting characteristics and good high temperature performance .The  car engine turbocharger operating temperature as high as 800-900 ℃, special vehicle engine turbocharger operating temperature as high as 900-950 ℃. With the improvement of the engine performance requirements, the working temperature of the turbocharger will further increase. The material of turbine booster is required to have good high temperature oxidation resistance and high temperature strength.


URMA tool is devoted to the finish machining of the hole all the time, it has developed the world's smallest reamer CircoTec RX that can be removable , with high efficiency and stability. There are also remarkable performances in the field of CircoTec RX refractory materials.

At present, silicon molybdenum cast iron and high nickel austenitic cast iron are used in turbocharger vortex shell. Both materials are difficult to process materials. In processing, it is a headache thing to cut  heat, the tool wear fast, the surface hardening.


URMA CircoTec RX reamer adopts superfine cemented carbide as the substrate and the base density is greater than 15KG/DM3.