Stand Together Regardless Of Situation,We Are In The Same Boat.

Sep.9-10,2017,the part of elite staff opened a 1.5T training  of cohesion and responsibility together with Qing Teng Training Camp.



Some people says that Expansion Training is a game,there is no need to be very serious.In fact,the life is not what?

However,The persons who frolic the life will be played by the life.If you want to have a splendid life and future,the important thing is to have a good attitude.

The dream is one step away form success,but you need to work ten times more than  the general person.Maybe you have worked hard,but the reality will give you  a cold slap in your face,and tell you that you have no right to deserve more,only you have no pay through the nose for anything.




There is nothing that you can do about it.Strive to impress yourself,As long as you can do it,you will become the bravest solider of Winway,and you will became the expert in life ,the biggest winner in life.

This road is not the ending,while our starting point.

Therefore,without the everyone's efforts,the team will no longer exist,And without the suport of the team,the individual persone will not be able to cross the social river.