The Advantages Of Gremio PCD Milling Cutter

How to choose face milling cutter?It is important thing to choose the suitable products,The Winway will help you solve the problem.

The advantages of  using Gremio pcd Milling cutter as follows:

1.Balanced Hole

Precast adjusting hole and bolt,easy for adjusting balance status for high speed cutting.

2.High Strength Aluminum Alloy

Aerospace aluminum for cutter body which has better rigidity and lighter weight.

3.High precision Position positioning Slot for Cartrige

Stictly control the overlap between cartridge and cutter body to ensure easy storage and locking,highly integrated the cutter so for high speed cutting.

4.Adjustable wedge

The wedge is for adjusting axial which is easy,reliable with enough rigidity.

5.Imported locking bolt

High breakage resistance,high strength,reliable locking.


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