Turbo Housing For Car

Automobile industry is the pillar industry of national economy,  Automobile industry  can bring remarkable economic and social benefits, reduce the energy consumptionand environmental pollution, save the limited resources, improve the engine efficiency and reduce emissions pollution .Automobile industry  is the developing direction of automobile engine technology,By  using booster technology can  improve the engine efficiency, reduce the fuel consumption and exhaust of the effective means.


Generally speaking, if we see Turbo or T at the rear of the car, it indicates that the engine is turbocharged. I believe everyone has seen many of these marks  on the road,.The main function of turbocharged is to increase the  breathing volume of the engine, by it can improve  the power and torque of the engine to make the car more energetic. When a turbocharger is mounted on an engine, its maximum power is 40% higher than the supercharger is not installed. If you are  1.8 T turbo engine, after charging, the level of the power can reach 2.4 L engine.



The  function of the vortex shell is to form the cavity of the turbine work .The vortex shell shape is very complex, required that the material has good casting quality as well as good high temperature performance. According to  the shape of the shell and special features of the material, the tool needs special customization.


Relevant Parameters:

Name of workpiece: Turbo Housing for Car

Material: High Temperature cast steel

Work requirement: Φ93.1、Φ71.6

Machine: CNC Lathe

Cutting data: Vc=60-90m/min