Visit Of Civil Government Leaders In WINWAY

Visit of Civil Government Leaders in WINWAY

Along with the city of Xi’an to optimize the business environment, boost economic development in the spring,February 8, 2018. The 23th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is Chinese traditional culture of the “small year”,the Xi’an municipal government led two people on behalf of the Xi’an municipal government to Xi’an WINWAY machinery manufacturing Limited by Share Ltd made cordial condolences and sent new year congratulatory letter.


The municipal government leaders visited WINWAY’s office environment. The enterprise culture display area and so on, and had a friendly conversation with the WINWAY management staff. The president of WINWAY has just introduced the “beginning of the heart”of WINWAY, the development course of seventeen years, and the development plan of the next five years. The leaders of the municipal government of WINWAY seventeen years,and the development plan of the next five years. The leaders of the municipal government made an affirmative statements of WINWAY seventeen years as one day deep precision CNC tools,aerospace parts of precision manufacturing economy ,thanks to actively participate in the development of Xi’an WINWAY construction and expect to create’Winway intelligent manufacturing demonstration plan”


The leaders of the municipal government for WINWAY into a new year congratulatory letter. In 2017, Xi’an achived the steady development of industrial economy. The total industrial output value of above scale reached over 9.5%.The government leaders on behalf of the municipal government express to thanks the WINWAY of contribution,to seize the The Belt and Road’,the National Center for city construction and international metropolis development chance,don’t forget the heart ,temper forward,though strengthening the brand construction,promote structural optimization, accelerate the transformation and upgrading,and constantly improve the market competitiveness,make contributions and casting brilliant new Xi’an to speed up the process of internationalization.


Finally,the leaders of the municipal government on behalf of the municipal government to express heartfelt wishes to WINWAY staff: New Year’s good luck!Business is flourishing!

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Winway wish all of you prosperous business in coming 2018 and also wish to start business with you in future.